TypeOnsite Course
DateJan 6, 2020 - Dec 12, 2020
PlaceHouston, TX
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The ability to influence others to act is considered by many thought leaders to be an essential part of any business professional’s tool kit.

This dynamic interactive Skyler Development Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills training course is designed to stretch and challenge your current thinking on how to influence those around you.

Your sphere of influence is directly related to the number of people whose thoughts, decisions and actions you are able to influence.

You will have been developing this sphere of influence since you joined the company you work for. Its potency is generated partly by the number of people you are able to influence;

and partly by the influence they exert over others. The tools and concepts proposed and explored on this training course will help provide you with a validated structure to enable you to consciously practice your new found skills back in the workplace.

Skyler Development Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills training seminar explores the science and practical application of influencing others drawing from the work of many experts combined with the course tutors personal experience and expertise.

Skyler Development training course will highlight:

  • The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Influencing
  • The Power of Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes
  • Techniques to help you structure a compelling proposition
  • How to deliver an award-winning Presentation
  • The Importance of Building an Organization Support Network


At the end of Skyler Development training course, you will learn to:

  • Present your ideas in a compelling way
  • Negotiate effectively whilst building long term relationships
  • Design and deliver a memorable presentation
  • Influence Decision Making in the workplace
  • Build long lasting business relationships with others

Training Methodology

This P Skyler Development Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills training course will involve a high level of participation

facilitated by the course tutor using a range of proven blended learning methods which ensure all delegates learn in a safe yet challenging environment.

All Adult learning styles are accommodated using a range of mediums including; skills application, case study critique, peer feedback, completion of personal profiling tool, individual and group exercises.

Organizational Impact

Companies that invest in the development of soft skills – communication skills- tend to be market leaders but also tend to have higher levels of employee satisfaction and morale.

  • This training course will help delegates develop their personal communication skills, which will in turn enable employees to be more effective in their day to day work
  • Delegates will be shown the importance of building strong cross functional relationships which will improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness
  • The ability to negotiate outcomes that both parties feel are valued is integral to winning and maintaining long term business partnerships.
  • This training course shows delegates how to do just by providing employees with the opportunity to explore a range of business and personal effectiveness skills in a safe learning environment,
  •  companies are fulfilling their obligation to help their employees give the best of themselves at work

Personal Impact

By learning how to Influence others by using a wide range of tools, delegates will not only be more productive and therefore

more effective in their job roles but will also gain greater confidence and wellbeing in their business and personal lives.

  • You will learn the key role of Emotional Intelligence in building long lasting business relationships
  • You will complete your own personal profile to enable a greater understanding of your own personal behavioral style
  • Each delegate will have the opportunity to practice the application of a range of communication tools, give and receive feedback from their peers
  • Delegates can expect to negotiate using a range of case studies thereby exploring concepts and themes to embed learning
  • You will learn how to structure and deliver a best in class presentation which will deliver outstanding personal and professional results

Who Should Attend?

Skyler Development Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills training course is aimed at Business Professionals

who want to re enforce their existing skills and build a new layer of expertise that will help them be more in control of their business discussions,

It will also benefit those who wish to communicate and present their ideas more powerfully.

Skyler Development training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior Business Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Anyone who supervises or manages a team
  • Business Professionals who have a specific need to communicate and negotiate more effectively

Course Outline


Personal Inter Communication Skills

  • Defining Influencing and Persuasion
  •  The Science of the Change Curve and Your Role in Influencing Others
  • Exploring the Barriers to Effective Communication
  • How the Brain works in the Communication Process?
  • Understanding How People filter Information
  • The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Building Powerful Working Relationships
  • The Importance of Non-verbal Communication when interacting with others
  • Completion of Own Personal Profile


Effective Influencing Skills

  • Understanding the Communication Cycle
  • Introduction to the Influencing Model
  • The Critical Elements of the Influencing Model explained and demonstrated
  • The Key Skills of How to Listen Effectively
  • Asking Questions to Understand the other party’s perspective
  • Structuring a Strong and Compelling Argument
  • The Importance of Flexibility when proposing a Solution
  • Influencing Decision Making at Work
  • How to Use Decision Making Tools in Practice


 Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes

  • Defining Negotiation and the Characteristics of an Effective Negotiator
  • Understanding the Concept and Language of Negotiation
  • Why all business professionals need excellent negotiation skills in the workplace?
  • The Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA) – Understanding Negotiation Parameters
  • Preparing for your Negotiations using the Like, Intend and Must (LIM)
  • Learning How to Identify Negotiable Variables – What do I trade?
  • Exploring Why BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Outcome) is a powerful negotiation tool


Delivering a Presentation Effectively

  • Understanding the Key Components of Delivering a Memorable Speech
  • The 5 P’s of Preparation Explained
  • The Importance of Structure when Preparing a Presentation
  • Introduction and Use of the INTRO Formula
  • How to Use your Voice Effectively?
  • Exploring the Role of Body Language when Presenting
  • Top Tips on How to use PowerPoint
  • Discover the Power of Illustrations and Stories
  • Learn How to Control Nerves before Delivering a Vital Speech
  • Using the Personal Vocal Checklist


Communication Strategies for Professional Excellence

  • The Six Laws of Persuasion explained
  • The Importance of Raising Personal Visibility and Credibility in the Workplace
  • Determining who you need to know in your organization to increase your sphere of Influence
  • How to Build a Personal influencing Network Map?
  • Developing a Personal ‘Plan of Action’ for your return to Work
  • Exploring resources for your ongoing Personal Development

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