Skyler training courses have been designed to provide business professionals the skills they need to develop their competency, improve their performance, and drive business success. Our talented team of Professional instructors have exceptional credentials that are complemented by practical, real-world experience. Our range of Health & Safety Services for employers can help you reduce risk and improve the well-being of your employees.

List of Training Locations:

Africa Europe North America Middle East Asia
Lagos, Ghana Amsterdam, Spain, London, Paris Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Toronto Abu Dhabi-UA, Dubai – UAE Singapore, Malaysia

Courses Categories:

Skyler courses are classified into the following 6 categories:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Customer Services
  • Human Resources
  • Health, OSHA and workplace safety
  • Oil & Gas


Below are the list of courses we offer:

Leadership and Management
1. Be the Manager Your Employee Wants to Follow (ML025) 5days –
2. Leadership, Team-Building and Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisor (ML026)
3. The Exceptional Team Leader (ML027)
4. Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects and Deadlines (ML028)
5. Managing Emotions Under Pressure (ML029)
6. Project Manager Workshop (ML030)
7. How to Manage Conflicts and Confrontations (ML031)
8. Management Skills for Secretaries, Administrative Assistant and Support Staff (ML032)
9. Management and Leadership Skills for New Managers and Supervisor (ML033)
10. Leadership & Management Skills for Top Performance (ML034)
11. Information and Documentation Compliance. (ML035)
12. Strategic Planning and Goal Settings (ML036)
13. Creating Top Quality Professionals (ML037)
14. Strategic Thinking and Business Planning (ML038)
15. Effective Organization Leadership (ML039)
16. Emotional Intelligence Skills for Effective Leaders and Management (ML040)
17. Critical Thinking and Problems Solving or Public Services Leader (ML041)
18. Complete Course on Management (ML042)
19. Next Generation Leaders (ML043)
20. Strategy and Strategic Planning (ML044)
21. Project Management for Non- Managerial (ML045)
Personal Development
1. How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism (PD100)
2. Developing Emotional Intelligence (PD101)
3. Budget Preparing Skills (PD102)
4. Personal Effectiveness and Influencing Skills (PD103) 
Customer Service
1. Leaderships for Administration professionals (CS201)
2. Training Management Organizational Learning (CS202)
3. Beyond Customer Services (CS203)
4. Achieving Excellence in Customer Services (CS204)
5. Customer Focused Management (CS205)   
Health, OSHA and Workplace Safety
1. Quality Assurance and control (HOS300)
2. Advance Health Safety Management (HOS302)
3. OSHA (HOS303)
4. Safety Measures & Hazard Control (HOS304)
5. Safety Management Best Practice (HOS305)
Human Resources Management
1. Recruitment Workshop. (HR400)
2. Basic of Human Resources Management. (HR401)
3. Employee Relations. (HR402)
4. Human Resources Development and personnel managements. (HR403)
5. Interview and Recruitment Skills (HR404)
6. Job description, Job Evaluation (HR405)
7. Training Analyst (HR406)
8. Performance Management (HR407)
9. Company’s Value & Employees Responsibility& Work Ethics (HR408)
10. Certification in HR Administration (HR409)
Oil and Gas
1. Practical Geo-Pressure Prediction (OG100)
2. (OG101)